Jul 14, 2010

New Solar Fields' album announced!

Good news for all Solar Fields' fans out there. A remix album of Movements titled Altered: Second Movements will be released by Ultimae on July 26th.
"Atmospheric in essence, almost beatless, the soundscapes invite the auditor to settle within and embark upon a profound floating experience. As in the reminiscence of a dream, Solar Fields subtly recalls Movements harmonies and melodies in a widely stretched manner with low resonating pads providing a soft texture upon which electrified and crunchy interferences glide."
Sounds good, I guess we can be expecting a more ambient version of Movements. Even better news is that another, regular album from him is also coming up "in a couple of months". Really great news, good to see such a great musician being so productive.

Read an interview with Solar Fields here.

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