Jul 10, 2010

Gonjasufi - A Sufi and a Killer

When I first heard about this album I automatically got intrigued. Something described as “experimental hip-hop combined with jazz, blues, eastern music, early electronic” had to be at least weird. Weird doesn’t have to be good, but I just had to hear it. For those who cannot stand hip-hop don’t worry, this is NOT a hip-hop album. It’s pretty much impossible to classify. Probably like nothing like you have ever heard before.
This album is an amazing journey. It’s really unbelievable how his vocals sound here. I know some might complain and say “there is so many better vocalists”, but for me that is not the point at all. Here it’s all about the emotions he puts into each track, how his voice fits the music perfectly. This is seriously one of the most passionate examples I ever heard. While the vocal is probably the best thing about this album it wouldn’t be the same without the background. The beat, guitar playing even the cracking sound on some of the tracks sound just great, each track sounds like it has been worked on for very long amounts of time, just to make them as perfect as they are now. Another plus for me are the mentioned eastern influences heard on some tracks. They add a nice flavor.

If you take all the styles you can hear on this album and list them on paper they have no right to work together. Gonjasufi managed for that to happen, enhanced everything with his vocal and released what is the best album of the year so far.

Pros: Vocals, eastern influences, I can play it on repeat and it just doesn’t get boring.

Cons: The long silence during the last track and the hidden outro, I’ve never liked that kind of thing.

Rating: 97%

02. Kobwebz
03. Ancestors (*)
04. Sheep (*)
05. She Gone. (*)
06. SuzieQ
07. Stardustin'
08. Kowboyz&Indians (*)
09. Change
10. Duet
11. Candylane
12. Holidays
13. Love Of Reign
14. Advice
15. Klowds
16. Ageing
17. DedNd
18. I've Given
19. Made (*)

Label: Warp Records
Country: United Kindom
Released: 8 Mar 2010

Official Website
Warp Records

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