Nov 4, 2009

X-Dream - We Created Our Own Happiness

Before the Shpongle album review I decided to go back in time to 1997 and one of my favorite goa albums. We Created Our Own Happiness is the second album by the famous X-Dream duo from Germany. It's widely considered as a goa classic so many of you must have heard it or of it.
It starts out slow and then we get what I love the most about this album. The amazing acid sound use, X-Dream are the masters at that. After the amazing first track I expected things to go down, happens a lot when artists put the best track to start off and leave a good first impression. But no, in this case it gets even better. Do You Believe is just an amazing journey through acid landscapes and goa melodies. Very hypnotizing. The following track, The Second Room (A-Trip), is a bit weaker in my opinion, but still great goa. We don't have as much innovation here, it's simpler, but that also makes it feel like it's much faster. Then we move on to Zebra which has a more chilling feel to it, probably because of the lower BPM. But the track is just beautiful, great use of acid again. The fifth track is a downtempo piece, nothing special really. Not bad, but I preferred the trance tracks. About half way into the track we get a quote about ganja. We go back to trance with We Created Our Own Happiness. Good track, but more monotone compared to the first few. The sample here reminds me a lot of the one used in Sea Of Tranquility by Art Of Trance. Eleven follows and it is probably the second best track on the album. It starts out simple and continues evolving and the second part of it is one of the finest moments of this release. Unlike on most goa releases the last track is no a downtempo piece. Aurorix is just crazy fast, but still manages to be very complex. It's actually the perfect ending for this album.
We Created Our Own Happiness is one of those albums that could be recommended to someone new to goa, if they won't like this, then they probably won't like anything else. It's very complex, but everything flows perfectly. Listen to it if you haven't already and let me know what you think.

Rating: 5/5
Standout Tracks: 1, 2, 7
Genre: Goa Trance

Release info:

Tunnel Records
Artwork: Bi.sign

Producer: Rough & Rush


1. Screw (The Truth)
2. Do You Believe
3. The Second Room (A-Trip)
4. Zebra
5. Related Vortex
6. Eleven
7. Aurorix




  1. feel almost touched looking someone posting about this one. it has been a classic. thanks for bring the memories

  2. Love this album, and best part is that the my favourite songs are the second room, related vortex and the title track... so stands as testament that it's a great album if we have polarized views of what's rocking.

  3. You should check out Hol Baumann. Nice blog btw