Nov 1, 2009

October release summary and upcoming week's albums.

My blog is two months old now. Thank you for all the visits again, I got twice as many visitors in October with the counter hitting 1500. I also added a Flag Counter (after around 1000 views) and got visitors from 62 countries so far.

October had some interesting releases, but no great albums. The Intergalactic Slapstick is the best I heard so far, but Planet Discovery should be good too. Here is the full list of releases from last month with my rating added:

Para Halu - The Future Sound of Para Halu
California Sunshine - The Dark Side Of The Brain (3/5)
Bodhisattva 13:20 - Equations (3.5/5)
Shotu - Conception
Liquid Stranger - The Intergalactic Slapstick (4/5)
Kalumet - Burlesque
Easily Embarrassed - Planet Discovery

November will start out strong with the long awaited Shpongle album. It will be available from the Twisted website October 7th, but the pre-ordered copies will be sent out November 2nd. The Shpongle Live DVD is also being sent out Nov. 2nd. It includes Shpongle Live In Concert as well as bonus materials. Here is a list of new releases for the first week of November:


  1. Nice! Thanks for the updates. Will definitely be checking out the Ghreg on Earth album. 'Sigilweaver' is one of my favorite trance albums and I'm not a huge fan of trance.

    And the Shpongle album, of course. Already preordered and I've been a good boy and not listened to the leaked version...okay, maybe a few tracks. :)

  2. z jakiej dokladnie czesci Polski jestes? siedzimy w podobnym klimacie, bede tu zagladac i w wolnej chwili obczaje polecane przez Ciebie rilisy oraz cala reszte :)

  3. Z południa, okolice Nowego Sącza, ale teraz niestety mieszkam poza krajem. I dzieki za komentarz :)