Nov 9, 2009

Second week of November update.

With the new Shpongle album out the my most awaited albums of the year are already released. Still no news on the Asura album though... I've been listening to a lot of classic rock lately so I have less recommendations related to this blog, but one album I discovered this week is Visions Of Surya by Colourform, a project consisting of Matt Hiller and Jake Stephenson. Amazing, light ambient, similar to the ambient works of Solar Quest, but probably even calmer. Another album I heard by this duo is Microcosmacrocosm, released as Alien Mutation vs Indigo Egg. Check those out if you like to hear some ambient sometimes.

So as far as new releases this week go the highlight has to be E-Mantra's Arcana. Another Suntrip release in a short period of time and from I heard on the samples it will be awesome. Really great year for goa and Suntrip. Full release list:

E-Mantra - Arcana (Suntrip Records)
Silent Enemy - Diabolic (9th Circle Records)
Yubaba - Paradiso (Cyberset Records)
Animalis - Sly Technology (

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  1. ANYTHING by Matt Hillier is quality.

    He's got a twitter page where he posted he's got 40 albums worth of material...!