Oct 26, 2009

Fourth week of October update.

I want to thank everyone for your visits! I really appreciate it, without you I would stop writing.
New Easily Embarrassed album is out now! You can buy it here. I'm finished with my review of the new Liquid Stranger album. I will post it soon. There is no releases coming up this week that caught my attention, but the following week should be much more exciting.

Because of the lack of news this week I'll go a month back in time to the release of Imaginary Friends by Ultimae. Those of you who get their newsletter must have heard about it, but for some it might be news. According to Ultimae it features "a melange of styles, different facets of ambient electronica infused with neo-classical moods, acoustic sensibilities, epic melodies and impressionistic textures and tempos for a vibrant and overall warm feel". Sounds impressive. I'm not sure what to expect from this release, but I thought I would mention it here since Ultimae hasn't released a single bad album (or compilation) so far.

A new psychedelic chillout review website by Trwolfe is up. He has one review so far, a nice collection of links and a very useful artist list. Check it out at http://psyreviews.trwolfe.com/.

With the month of October coming to an end I made the October compilation of my YouTube videos. You can see it here or on my channel. A few IDM tracks again, I'm really getting into that genre now. Also featuring a track from Liquid Strangers new album.


  1. Thanks for the link in your post, man!

    I'll add you to my link page if you'd like?

    I cannot wait to hear the new Easily Embarrassed album. Might be awhile though, just preordered the new Shpongle album and the new Field Rotation EP. :D

  2. No problem, I like your site a lot! I'll add it to the "Useful Links" too.
    And yes, it would be very nice to have a link on your website.

    The new Easily Embarrassed should be good. Have you heard Intergalactic Slapstick yet?

  3. I have not. I'm really not a huge fan of reggae unless it's mostly dub and psychedelic. :) I really hate reggae vocals for the most part. I will though.

    It may be awhile before I get to checkout the new Easily Embarrassed. Prices on it are STEEP. I bought their first album on CD Baby for 10 bucks and now their new one is 17 bucks plus shipping!

    Also, please check your link on my links page and tell me if you want anything changed.