Oct 1, 2009

First month of my blog. September release summary and albums coming in October.

Thanks to all of you for commenting, following and visiting my blog. I managed to get nearly 500 pageviews which is much more than I expected. Hopefully the numbers will continue to grow. I posted three reviews so far and that's what I am planning on doing every month. September has been a very intense month as far as new releases go. I still haven't listened to Banco's new album, but when I do I'll post a review. Here are the releases from last month that caught my attention. If I listened to them I added my rating.

Banco De Gaia - Memories Dreams Reflections
Capsula - Sense Of A Drop (4.5/5)
Argaman - My Little Forest (3.5/5)
Side Liner - Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle (4/5)
Union Jack - Pylon Pigs (5/5)
Smiley Pixie - Chillout Moods To Urban Grooves
Open Source - Uncultured (2/5)
Soundaholix - Soundaholix Annonymous
Way Out West - We Love Machine
Heyoka - Gate Code
Lokesh - Utopia
DarkShiRe - Breakdown
Vishnudata - Vishnudata

And the first week of October watch out for (all due to be released Ocober 2nd):

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  1. Just got the Capsula album in the mail from Waveform and have been listening to it nonstop.

    Have you heard it at all yet? It's stunning, one of my favorites of the year.