Sep 13, 2009

"Memories, Dreams, Reflections" released! New releases update.

One of my most awaited albums of this year, Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Banco de Gaia was released on September 11th. You can order a copy here. It's not really a regular artist album, but as he stated on his blog disc one is is remakes of a few songs that influenced him plus remakes of his old tracks and the second one is a "selection of live recordings taken from over the years". Maybe not as exciting as an album full of new tracks, but still something to look forward to. My review of it coming as soon as I listen and analyze it.

Sense of a Drop by Capsula was also released on Waveform Records on September 8th and My Little Forest by Argaman was released on September 4th.

Side Liner - Missing Pieces of a Puzzle is due to be released tomorrow, September 14th.

Lots of new stuff in one week. Check back for my reviews of those.

And here is a taste of Flooting Grooves (another September release) on my latest YouTube upload, enjoy.

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  1. I saw the Banco De Gaia album launch at Dingwalls. I enjoyed it. He started with a full band very much in a psychadelic rock style and then introduced a female vocalist "Maya Priest" in Eastern bellydance attire who had a rich alluring voice and the music drifted into the cinematic ambient-ethno I would normally associate Toby with. The 2nd half was an ambient techno dj set thumbs up from me.