Sep 20, 2009

Argaman - My Little Forest

My Little Forest is the second album by the Israeli producer Itai Argaman, but first under this alias. He's known for making psytrance, but like many produces he also decided to make some psychedelic chillout...

The cover is pretty interesting and it caught my attention. It looks more like a cover for a Disney DVD than a psychill album artwork, but I actually like it's cheesiness. They say "don't judge a book by it's cover", but in this case I couldn't resist. Especially if it was released by FairyTales Records... After listening to the album it's obvious all this cheesiness is intentional as the music itself has many "fairytale" moments. Most of the tracks have some light dub and classical mixed together with "magical" music which gives it an interesting and very unique sound. There is a lot happening in every track so they never get boring and they are not repetitive.
It's pretty weird stuff though and one or two times I was about to skip to the next track. I cannot say this is my favorite style, but I have to give him credit for having some cool ideas and most of all for creating his own style. Most of the time when I hear something new there is always some other artist or album I can compare it to, but this is something new. I've been hearing good things about this album before my first listen and even though it's not really for me I know many people love it. Seeing what Argaman comes up with in the future will be interesting.


Standout tracks: 1, 4,9
Genre: Chillout, Dub

Release info:

FairyTales Records
4 September 2009
Artwork By - The-Pash

Mastered By - Itai Argaman
Producer, Written-By - Itai Argaman


1. LSDing Camping
2. You Will See
3. InHarmonic Symphony
4. WierDUB
5. Don't Leave Me Alone
6. The Old Times
7. It's Not For Money
8. The New Vibe
9. Concertina
10. The Silence



  1. Well,Dont know how it is possible to give 3.5\5 score,

    In my opinion this album should be rate as 100\100

    Best PsyDub album that i ever heard.



  2. Well yeah, a lot of people are praising the album so most won't agree with my opinion. Maybe it will grow on me...

  3. I love this album, but thought he ripped a lot straight from a Danny Elfman score. I played Inharmonic Symphony for a friend of mind and he replied "Are he and Elfman friends or something?"

    Still a great album but less unique than a lot of people are claiming.

  4. I dont know why are you telling that,

    The music in this album is all 100% pure and original by ARGAMAN,

    he is a great composer,also for big movies all around the world,

    do not say something that you not sure about!

    James Kelly

  5. WOW,Amazing music